My second post for Psychology Today–hope you enjoy!

Careening into Cliché

Resisting becoming a cliché is a cliché in itself, so why bother?

Sometimes I think getting older gracefully simply means not bridling too much against the fact that most of us, at midlife, find ourselves drifting inexorably into cliché.

I mentioned this, my latest theory on this bizarro transition I and my agemates are undergoing, to a dad at my kids’ school, as he gave me a lift back home in his brand new…do I even have to say it? Minivan! He laughed his agreement, an then pointed out, “But you know, I have to say, as minivans go, this one is really sporty.” My cliché-o-meter was way over to the right on that one. Slap on a “Proud Parent of an Honor Student” bumper sticker, and he could pull into his reserved parking spot outside the Cliché Hall of Fame. READ THE ENTIRE THING HERE