How to love and appreciate your post-baby hot mama body

By Stephanie Dolgoff, Parenting

So you’re toting a few extra pounds and sagging in some places you weren’t before. So what? Your body is still sexy and incredible. Here’s how to believe it!

“Mushy tushy, mushy tushy!” I remember giggling as I jiggled my mom’s cottage-cheesy butt. I couldn’t have been more than 3, because her rear end was at my eye level as she dressed in front of the bedroom mirror. “You just wait until you have kids. You won’t think it’s so funny then,” she said, tickling me.

In case you doubt karma’s power, when my twin girls, Sasha and Vivian, were 4, they adored sitting on my thighs, kneading my none-too-taut tummy, and screaming, “Wiggle, wiggle! Mommy’s belly’s in the Wiggles!” Damn the Disney Channel.

My daughters were too young to realize that a squishy front or behind is often considered a curse, not a plaything (and at age 7 now, they thankfully still are). But the truth is, all kids — myself included — see their moms as dazzling goddesses, and in no way can a little cellulite detract from that. It’s high time we took their cue and made peace with our post-kid shapes.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL ARTICLE