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Month July 2010

More on Happy Aging

Geez, the word “aging” sounds so, well, old. But it is what it is, right? Doesn’t make sense to call it aging only when you’re really old and moving into extremely, surprised-you-made-it-this-long old. None of us is immune so why… Continue Reading →

Barnes & Noble NYC reading

Hey, all, I’ll be reading from My Formerly Hot Life at Barnes & Noble in TriBeCa in September (too many folks out of town when the book actually comes out.) If you’re anywhere nearby, please make it look like I… Continue Reading →

Wither, Andrew McCarthy?

My little girl Vivian has a fever of 101.7, so naturally I did what any good mother would do under the circumstances: I poured some liquid Tylenol into her and parked her in front of the TV. What the hell… Continue Reading →

Baby pee as an anti-aging serum? Really?

This was originally posted at Enjoy! The 4 Weirdest Anti-Aging Tricks That Totally Don’t Work When I hit my late thirties, I saw that I had two choices: I could stress about looking older, thus releasing all kinds of… Continue Reading →

First Serial of My Formerly Hot Life is out!

It’s in the August issue of Self and here! This is from the first chapter. Please spread the word, and look out for Formerly Hot blog posts on! Happiness Formerly Hot, Finally Content Who cares if it’s been ages… Continue Reading →

It's Formerly/Finally Friday again!

Happy Friday, people! This week’s Formerly/Finally Friday star is Jennie, one of the kindest, most spiritual and generous women I know. When she told me what her Formerly was (Formerly Rude, in case you can’t read her sign) I was… Continue Reading →'s review of My Formerly Hot Life

And it doesn’t suck! In fact, it’s good. Whew. Here it is: Funny and moving book from Stephanie Dolgoff. courtsey of Ballantine Books My Formerly Hot Life: Dispatches From Just The Other Side of Young is both a lighthearted and… Continue Reading →

Win a free copy of My Formerly Hot Life!

My friends at Self Magazine are so lovely as to help get the word out about My Formerly Hot Life. Here’s what they’re doing–incredibly cool: There will be an excerpt from My Formerly Hot Life in the August Issue, onĀ … Continue Reading →

Shameless book whoring! Yes!

Regular visitors may have noticed the lovely new pink banner above the logo…which doesn’t link to anything. It will. For details on the HOW I AM BRIBING YOU–I mean incentivizing you–to preorder My Formerly Hot Life, for now, just click… Continue Reading →

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