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Month July 2010

And in other boob news (product review!)

It has been pretty well established in fashion circles that the bra strap showing alongside the straps of your camisole, if it was ever OK, is probably no longer, not for Formerlies anyway. It seems like women (like me) who… Continue Reading →

So now "cougars" are age 27 and up

First of all, vomit. Did Time really have to headline this piece “The Science of Cougar Sex: Why Older Women Lust”? It’s a report on a study by evolutionary psychologist David Buss, the guy at UT Austin who explains much… Continue Reading →


But I got nothing! That’s not true–I have an excellent one from my friend Freddi, but that will have to wait until next week because it’s also about work and career and ambition and parenthood, and thus too close to… Continue Reading →

Why we need more scientists

Much has been written about how the US is being outpaced by China and India when it comes to graduating engineers who will lead the world in important scientific and technological breakthroughs. Naturally, the President is concerned, as are legislators… Continue Reading →


If this woman were holding a sign, it would say “FORMERLY AMBITIOUS.” And if she were not afraid of what her future employers might think, she’d show her face. Suffice to say she’s a friend of mine who has done… Continue Reading →

Thankfully Formerly

A month or so ago, my friend Rachel and I were in Union Square park here in NYC filming a scene for the book trailer. Because the scene took multiple takes, she and I had to walk repeatedly along a… Continue Reading →

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