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Month August 2010

She's not a fan

DENISE IN SF WROTE: I would say your little gimmick is pretty stupid. Anyone, anywhere who feels the need to pigeonhole women into tidy little categories is adding to the problem.

The unique plight of the adult tween

A woman named Noelle posted this in “Share Your Story” on the right there, but it summed up things so eloquently  for Formerlies with teenagers that I had to give it a more prominent spot: I have two precious things… Continue Reading →

Happy birthday, Sweet Adult Tween

NOELLE WROTE: I have two precious things in my life, one that makes me feel “hot” – the perfect little black dress – and one that makes me feel “formerly hot” – a 15 year old daughter. Her friend had a “club-themed” Sweet 16 party and the next thing I know my Little Black Dress walked out the door on my Little Girl. My clothes are going to parties I’m not invited to!

Fashion forward, people!

KIMBERLY WROTE: I teach fashion students and when they show up to class dressed like they’re on their way to a OMD concert I shutter and resist the urge to tell them they have stolen that outfit from my high school closet. Also, jealous that I’m NOT on my way to an OMD concert. SO I continue to wear my Ray-bans with love, nostalgia, baggage and all.

Suddenly the oldest

K WROTE: While my other friends are now on their second children, thinking about whether they can still wear short(ish) skirts, and getting divorced or remarried — my younger friends are still spending their summers going to 1st weddings and amazed that their other friends are old enough to purposely get pregnant.

Formerly NOTHING

SHARON WROTE: If you’re proud of your accomplishments and are in love with life…every day is full of creativity and excitement.

Finally just right

I’m a mom & now I can’t remember why I thought life was so great before. My all nighters & the bottles in the pantry are completely different now, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I have so much more confidence & peace & satisfaction & love. I wouldn’t trade a mountain of dirty diapers for my old life ever! I love every stinking one!

Formerly cool

FORMERLY HIGH CQ WROTE: I went to parties, museums, restaurants, bars, sporting events, the theatre, the ballet, . . out with friends, out making friends. Now I am ‘Uncool’. A ‘fun ruiner, party pooper’ say my children.

Formerly not "a mother figure"

MAY POPPS WROTE: When a cute 22 yr old guy @ work asked me a questioned about payroll tax withholding “since I was a mother-figure around here” I was crushed! …But driven to work harder to look even better, lost more weight, & actually wore a 2 piece to the beach in Florida, without embarrassing my kids.

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