1676300378_bd28c2f0ea_mCAROL WROTE: Very up and down in my twenties and thirties, but blessed with talent and intelligence which brought me benefits way into my fifties! Not to mention the fact that I started exercising and eating well in my thirties and because of healthy lifestyle, my friends say I look 10 years younger–no face lift–natural makeup etc.

What gives me energy is my meditation practice that connects me to a source of spiritual love and energy beyond myself–no matter what is happening in my life.

Younger men are attracted to my energy and dynamism. I have two or three close women friends who have the same values and lifestyle.

Traveled and roamed many different countries and this brought an open and eclectic perspective into my life and thinking.

My mother is now in her 80’s and accomplished many interesting adventures well into her seventies. Life is truly amazing! Most important–be good to yourself.


Photo by Alicepopkorn CC