If you haven’t read my friend Maura’s blog for Marie Claire, My Year of Living Flirtatiously, you should. Lots of fun mixed with lots to think about–can’t beat that. Check out the favor she did me for My Formerly Hot Life…out in 12 days and counting!! The below is from Marieclaire.com.

5 Ways to Feel Hot at Any Age

When I was 28 or so, I was out with a lady friend who was about 10 years older. A huge knockout with an adoring husband, she bears a striking resemblance to Mariel Hemingway. Nonetheless, that night, after she walked into the little French place in Chelsea where I was waiting for her, she sighed and said: “You get past a certain age and men just stop looking up when you walk into a restaurant. They stop whistling. They stop ogling you. And you miss it.”

I thought she was talking crazy — she was, is, and will always be gorgeous!

And then a couple of years passed. And I started to get what she meant. Youth can turn a man’s head like nothing else can. And though I’ve never been a serious beauty like my friend, men did just sort of glance over my way whenever I came into view, once upon a time. In recent years? Not so much. And I notice it myself: Young women have a certain potent natural beauty, thanks to their lovely skin and shiny hair and all the rest.  READ THE REST OF THE PIECE HERE!