This is Carla Birnberg, one of the incredibly together women I’ve met in doing this blog and trying to get the word out about the book.

A few months back, I did a podcast with her and her friend Shauna (they comprise Two Fit Chicks). It was over the phone–Carla is in Austin and Shauna is in Scotland–but was so taken by their BREATHTAKINGLY SANE attitude about fitness and body image and just plain enjoying your life without making yourself crazy that I sat there nodding like a bobble head, as if anyone could see me, and breathing “yeah!” into the phone. Do yourself a favor and check them out, as well as Carla’s blog,

In any case, Carla says in her video that she didn’t consider herself a Formerly–she is her best self now, at 41, and doesn’t think of herself as Formerly anything. I can understand that. I, too, feel I’m my best self at 43, although I do get a kick out of sifting through the past, what I’ve learned and that which I am no longer. It’s all what you choose to do with your allotted 24 daily hours. Carla, obviously, uses more of that time for bicep curls than I do, while I prefer gazing at my navel. When I can find it within the folds of my mom belly.

Whatevs. Carla is a “Finally,” which it turns out you can be without considering yourself a “Formerly.” Labels only matter if they’re meaningful, and “Finally” works for me.