3794639377_c25678c562And y’all better listen up, because he’s PISSED!  I posted his comment in its entirety here, but I couldn’t resist giving BB a bit more prominent a spot. One or two of you must have gone on a date with him back in the early ’90s and totally broken his heart, because he’s still smarting. He reserves special vitriol for Oprah–perhaps she’s the one who didn’t call him back or suggested they “just be friends.”

Seriously, though, I think it’s not a bad idea to listen to people like BB, if only to affirm your own truth. I’d refrain from calling him a “sexist pig,” (I have a feeling having women scream that at him is his Viagra) but I’d love to hear what YOU have to say about women and power and beauty. Here’s BB:

“Ladies, listen up because I’m about to drop some truth on your Oprah-obsessed minds. Please pay attention because you will rarely hear anyone tell you something so real and honest. Ahem.”

Totally listening, BB. Lay it on us. Oprah? You paying attention? Stop helping people and being a role model and making millions of dollars, because BB is speaking.

“Pre-35, you have all the power. For centuries, men have fought wars over beautiful, YOUNG women. The world is your oyster and you can truly have whatever you want (provided you’re attractive, that is.) High five, you go girl, etc.”

I do think some young women might measure their power by their ability to make men hurt one another to get their attention, but I don’t know any. I don’t recall feeling particularly powerful when I was young, relatively hot though I was. I had a good time, but compared to now, I felt insecure, unsure of myself and frequently broke, and wondering why guys got paid more than I did for the same work. Oh, wait—still do! Personally, I feel much more powerful now. Oprah: pretty powerful not-young woman. Just sayin’.

“Post-35, you have ZERO SOCIAL VALUE. Why? Because the only thing that is valued about you is your looks and youth. Once that is gone, you’re toast.”

How do we feel about toast, as a rule? Can we get some consensus on the toast issue? I rather like it–mmm, rye with lots of butter–although too many carbs make me soft(er) around them middle. BB goes on to say that, aside from our loser husbands adoring us,

“You have nothing society wants, nothing to offer. Keep in mind, this is the game you played with gusto…remember how you acted all high and mighty in your 20s, blowing off all those nice guys in favor of hooking up with that Latino hunk or biker dude, who you knew was a tool but wanted to fulfill your fantasy of being one of the characters on Sex and the City?”

Um, the women in Sex and the City are Formerly age, and who’s to say that Latino hunk wasn’t also a very nice guy? Per BB, men only get hotter because their earning potential goes up, and that’s why it’s expected for them to date younger women. Then BB adds something awful about how desperate women our age are for sex. And because he’s an expert on women,

“I know you’ll get all Oprah on me and condemn everything I’ve written and fall all over yourselves telling me that I’m a sexist pig, blah blah blah. Don’t hate me — I didn’t invent what society values in men and women, we all did. You contributed to this “game” just as much as anyone, but do know that once you hit about 35, maybe 40 if you’re really lucky, the game is over for you.”

Yeah, because that game was so fun for everyone involved, we wish it could go on forever.

I’d love to hear from women and men about BB’s POV, and also if anyone ever fought over you when you were young and if it made you feel powerful, or worried that two moron boys with too much testosterone were going to get themselves in trouble with the dean.

Photo by Grahambones CC