cover2When we last left our heroine (almost wrote heroin…gives you a sense of my stress level–OMG, Mom, JOKE!) she was slutting herself out in every imaginable way to get the word out about her book. Except the most obvious way, not least of all because no one has asked her to. (Mom, really, another joke–where’s your sense of humor?)

Stephanie, a.k.a., Gigantic Book Whore, has written dozens of guest blog posts, cross promoted her blog, tweeted, Facebooked, and even made up tank tops to hand out to nice people who show enthusiasm for her book.

In the last week, she has done the Today Show, People magazine, local TV, The Gayle King and Martha Stewart radio shows, Joy Behar (although sadly she was on vacation), a dozen radio spots, been in the New York Times and has been reviewed up the wazoo by bloggers and (For links to these, click HERE and poke around a bit.)

The next time I talk about myself in the third person, please stop me. In my brief career as book whore, I have come to realize one thing: That no one knows exactly what works to sell books, so further whoring is critical. Hence this post. Here’s my latest plea:

Barnes & Noble is putting My Formerly Hot Life out on the tables in the front of the store, which is a mighty big deal. If you were planning on buying the book, get it there. If you weren’t planning on buying the book, get it there. And if you’re worried about my mortal soul as a book whore, you can save it by, well…you know. I will stop book whoring when I no longer need to.

Many thanks.