book-large-sealA new friend asked me that question a few months ago, and I started tearing up, because I realized that in the lunancy of life–working, tending to family, being a Gigantic Book Whore and the surprisingly difficult and time consuming task of making sure I had the right color lanyards for two very crafty 7-year-old girls–I hadn’t asked myself what makes me happy in way, way too long.

That question led to another question (AM I happy?) which led to a life inventory, which led to some renewed appreciation of what I have and have built and some adjustments, which I expect to be happymaking. If they are not, I hope to remember to ask myself that question again, and see what the answer yields.

It’s not rocket science (or even as hard as being a Gigantic Book Whore), and it invariably pays off big, but for whatever reason, I often forget to do it. In fact, putting it in my Google Calendar right this minute. Hopefully I won’t just blow off the beeping reminders, like I do the ones to go to the freakin’ gym already.

That’s why I’m glad my new friend Gretchen Rubin asked me that question (and what’s more, posted my answers on her fantastic blog that goes with her fantastic book, The Happiness Project). I admired her wildly successful book promotion from afar (Gigantic Book Whore, like Formerly Hot, is a designation only you can give yourself, but but both clubs are wholly nonexclusive) finally got to meet the lovely her.

Anyway, here is the the interview, and if I were you, I’d take the time to ask yourself that question. As for my answers, like everything else you do as a Formerly, take what works for you and donate the rest to Goodwill along with those jeans that don’t fit anymore, for all the good they’ll do you. There are plenty of other ideas on her site, and no doubt some of those will put a smile on your face.