338038680_cf4b0e56d9_m1DENISE WROTE: I was always the go along girl…lots of friends, always up for a dare, party from Weds to Sun and still make it to work on time. Never lacked a date or sat home alone. I moved away for a few yrs & when I came back single I was shocked at how old everyone had gotten. Gray, kids, overweight…what happened to them??? I went out with co-workers one night &…oh my god! I was the oldest person in the room! How did that happen? Well, 2 yrs later I’m a mom & now I can’t remember why I thought life was so great before. My all nighters & the bottles in the pantry are completely different now, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve been told I haven’t changed since high school…visually – they’re right, not sure if that’s a good thing, but I know I’m different. I have so much more confidence & peace & satisfaction & love. I wouldn’t trade a mountain of dirty diapers for my old life ever! I love every stinking one!