4213532846_960e5f7aff_mROBUNDLE WROTE: I have always been a pretty petite little dark-haired girl with large brown eyes.  I’m not as petite as I used to be, now that I am 48.  I never expected that I wouldn’t be able to fit into my size 6 clothing.  I’m about an 8/10 now, and I prefer to view myself as “curvy”.  I think “curvy” is a euphemism for a few extra pounds.  Anyway, I was at the hair salon a few weeks ago.  It is a wonderful salon with an Asian influence.  The man that owns the salon is from Laos.  He was running his fingers through my hair and was advising me on the best style.  He said:  “not too long, as you are a middle-aged woman”.  Wow, that is the first time someone has ever called me “Middle-aged”.  Not sure that I liked it, but I guess it means in a way that I have arrived and can now demand a certain amount of respect.  Out of my way…you youngsters!

Photo by Saffy CC