image has been resizedKIMBERLY WROTE: Ray-bans, how I love thee, but sometimes I’m afraid my desire is driven by intense nostalgia for those former days of the 80’s and I’m also afraid the youngsters (hipsters) will think I’m trying to “be cool” and that I’m clearly too old to be wearing them.  Ray-bans were the “it” glasses when I was in high school and my over analysis of how others will respond shows I’m clearly conflicted about leaving my former life behind.   I teach fashion students and when they show up to class dressed like they’re on their way to a OMD concert I shutter and resist the urge to tell them they have stolen that outfit from my high school closet.  Also, jealous that I’m NOT on my way to an OMD concert.  SO I continue to wear my Ray-bans with love, nostalgia, baggage and all.