DENISE IN SF WROTE: Well, what I can tell you is that I wasn’t hot in my 20s.  I was fat and insecure, but still pretty.  In my 40’s I turn more heads and feel fantastic.  Everyone who disagrees with you is not a “hater.”  But I would say your little gimmick is pretty stupid.  Anyone, anywhere who feels the need to pigeonhole women into tidy little categories is adding to the problem.  And you do not look like Julia or Julia!  You’re not saying I can’t be hot?  Gee, thanks!  But some of us have never considered tacky Diesel leather skirts “hot.” Sexy can be a beautiful shift that fits close to the body, etc.  You seem like the kind of person who would describe a woman in her 40s as “still having a great figure.”  Like it is some kind of a shock or something.  Oh, well, I’m sure you’re making money, which was the whole idea, right?  Another contribution to our dumbed down society.  Great!

Denise in SF