3574288466_87e3732c4a_m1A woman named Noelle posted this in “Share Your Story” on the right there, but it summed up things so eloquently  for Formerlies with teenagers that I had to give it a more prominent spot:

I have two precious things in my life, one that makes me feel “hot” – the perfect little black dress – and one that makes me feel “formerly hot” – a 15-year-old daughter. Her friend had a “club-themed” Sweet 16 party and the next thing I know my Little Black Dress walked out the door on my “little girl.”  My clothes are going to parties I’m not invited to!

My girls are only seven and so they’re not borrowing my clothes yet, but I anticipate feeling that same feeling of, “Now wait just a minute!” as Noelle does. Right now, Sasha and Viv listen to “my” music (i.e., ’80s and ’90s songs that I feel they must appreciate or that I have failed in my musical education of them) and like it or hate the songs, they listen with open hearts. When they start listening to them ironically, that will irk me a bit.

They say the sandwich generation are those of us who are caring both for children and aging parents. I think this qualifies, too. Thanks, Noelle!

Photo by Dancer Dalagio CC