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Day September 9, 2010

Jane's about face

Jane Fonda is the latest celeb to be honest about getting her slackening facial skin tightened up a touch. Apparently she had some work done back in 2000, and then made a pact with Sally Field that she wouldn’t again…. Continue Reading →


To fill chairs at my Barnes & Noble event on the 15th (this coming Wednesday!). Please come if you can, and bring an extra butt or two–it would mean a lot to me and the book. And while of course… Continue Reading →

On Shine

Are You A “FORMERLY?” Jennifer Anastasi, BounceBack Editorial Staff There’s been lots of buzz about a new release on the ever-popular chick-lit scene. Stephanie Dolgoff’s “My Formerly Hot Life: Dispatches from Just the Other Side of Young” takes a humorous… Continue Reading →

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