4773783247_fd14409c4aJane Fonda is the latest celeb to be honest about getting her slackening facial skin tightened up a touch. Apparently she had some work done back in 2000, and then made a pact with Sally Field that she wouldn’t again. “It’s really hard, especially if you’re a public person. But I want to give a face to aging,” is what she said at the time.

But then she went ahead and had her eyes and chin and neck tightened up back in February (this picture was taken in June). She explained to Larry King:

“If I was really brave, I would have not,” she said. “I vowed I wouldn’t–I did, and I don’t feel proud of it.”

I took that to mean that she’s both not proud of the fact that she swore off cosmetic surgery and caved (her lack of resolve) and the fact that she cared enough about looking like a “somewhat more glamorous grandma,” in her words to go under the knife again.

I have said before that perhaps if stars weren’t so open about getting work done, that it wouldn’t be considered de rigeur, and wouldn’t become the standard of how we’re all supposed to look. It pisses me off that a woman is thought to have “let herself go,” which previously connoted a passive lack of attention to appearance, if she doesn’t do something actively drastic, expensive and potentially dangerous.

But there’s another part of me that says, OK, so Jane’s admitting she couldn’t hold out, and that’s only human, even if she’s part of the problem of raising that bar. What’s more, she didn’t go all Joan Rivers–she says she deliberately left some pleats.

What do you guys think? Good for her for being honest? She should have tried harder to resist? Who cares? It’s her dang face. Or something else?

Photo by Oliver Pacteau, (Taken June 10, 2010) CC