Jennifer Anastasi, BounceBack Editorial Staff

There’s been lots of buzz about a new release on the ever-popular chick-lit scene. Stephanie Dolgoff’s “My Formerly Hot Life: Dispatches from Just the Other Side of Young” takes a humorous look at how she identifies herself as a “formerly” – the term she uses to define her gradual transformation from a hot, young 20-something to a not-so-hot middle aged wife and mom (who shamelessly admits she’d “buy an ass-bra” these days!)

She recalls the subtle signs suggesting she had entered that strange limbo between old and young. Salespeople in swanky shops were no longer flocking to assist her. All of the cool hangouts she used to know no longer existed. Once the kind of girl who never spent time at home, she now caught herself speaking highly of her Swiffer. It finally hit her like lightning one day on the subway when a sexy stranger asked her for the time. She braced herself for the pick-up line that usually followed, but this time it didn’t come. Sexy stranger wanted only the time, and went back to reading his book. In that moment she realized she just wasn’t “that” girl anymore — the one who always got hit on by sexy men on the subway, the young, hot girl “in the know” about all things trendy. She’d have to come to terms with this confusing in-between phase of life.

With each hilarious observation it occurred to me…we’re all “formerly” in some way.