The worldâ??s most glamourous teenage dollBrooke Shields, one of the few actresses I can see playing the main deluxe Formerly in the (thinking positively!) future megahit sitcom based on my book on ABC went on Ellen and told her that she could still fit into her 1980 Calvins, as in “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins…Nothing.” If you are a Formerly, you will likely remember that tag line.

(I told you that the book was optioned, right? Option only means they’re interested so don’t get too excited…lots of things get optioned and very, very few make it to screen, but here’s hoping!)

Here’s what Shields said:

“I looked like a sausage in them, but I was going to get them zipped up if it was the last thing I did, so I could say that I fit into them!”
Can you imagine trying to tuck your (ok, MY) loose, postpartum belly skin into a pair of dark denim jeans you wore when you were fif-freakin’-teen years old? I keep a pair of jeans that I wore a couple of years ago that are too tight, on the off chance that 5 pounds miraculously fall off me from the exertion of snacking on chocolate covered macadamia nuts (still celebrating the book release…) But there’s no way I’m keeping jeans I wore when I was 15, had no hips and was a full 20-30 pounds lighter than I am now.
I am a big fan of Shields (read here about how I accosted her in the playground) but Brooke, if you’re reading this, toss the Calvins! Or auction them off on Ebay to some pervy Formerly dude who no doubt is still fantasizing about coming between you and your Calvins. There is no room in our lives or our closets for jeans that don’t fit, even if they technically fit, or for recriminations, that’s for sure!