montclair1I had a reading in Montclair, NJ, last week, and it was so much fun. It was a teeny, tiny bookstore (Watchung Booksellers) with a shredded wing back chair, pink wine, M&Ms, and room for maybe 20 people. About that many showed up, including two non-women who didn’t appear to have been coerced (although they escaped before I took this picture…maybe they didn’t like the estrogen contact high.)

After I read a bit, the Q&A turned into a Formerly sharefest of the variety that I’d always hoped the topic would inspire. To this day, two years after starting this blog and six weeks after the book was published, I am still enormously relieved whenever other women relate to the whole Formerly thing, because it’s yet more evidence that I am not alone in this bizarrely jarring yet completely expected life experience (and hence not insane.)

So since a people have been asking me to come to their book groups, and I thought, hell, why not put it out there! So here’s the official offer:

If you have a book group of 7 or more and read My Formerly Hot Life as your book, I will happily either come to (if you’re in or around NYC) or Skype into your meeting, if you think that would be fun. Email me here, and we can talk about it!