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Month October 2010

Rebel whisper

Like many young adults, once I was out of my mom’s house and on my own, I went through a loooong phase of doing things I wasn’t allowed to do when I was under her roof. These weren’t many–my mom… Continue Reading →

Soul searching

Totally procrastinating today. I have actual money work to do and am instead noodling around here, so this’ll be a shorty. According to People, newly single actor Jim Carrey has been using the following pickup line: “I want to run… Continue Reading →

Playing doctor

ANON WROTE: She asked if we would mind if a medical student came in to observe, we said no problem, that woman looked all of 12!! Definitely felt old that day (I am 42).

Fun to be 40

ROBIN WROTE: Yes, we are getting older, but why worry about the past? Find a hobby, enjoy your family, and do something for your community. It’s fun to be 40!

Wake up call

LYNNE WROTE: As hot as I became in my 40’s (best shape, looks, hair, muscles, body, confidence)….there was nothing like this wake-up call. Just walk down the street with your 20-year-old daughter – who has no idea of her sex appeal — and learn what really turns heads. Fortunately, I checked my ego and enjoyed the scene ….on her behalf.

First vanity sizing. Now vanity aging.

Did you guys see that article in the New York Times about how middle-aged women aren’t allowed to have long hair? Really? Who knew? I didn’t get the memo, and neither apparently did those women you see at state fairs… Continue Reading →

If a former supermodel feels this way…

just think about how us mere mortals feel about this pesky passage of time thing. This from yesterday’s NY Post (which ran the above photo): “Nothing ages as poorly as a beautiful woman’s ego,” says Paulina Porizkova, former Sports Illustrated… Continue Reading →


On the particular crappy spot women our age find ourselves in, vis-a-vis body image. As opposed to the crappy spot women of any age are in vis-a-vis body image. Sigh. On the upside, I would say the women I speak… Continue Reading →

Calling all Jersey girls

I’ll be reading at Words in Maplewood next week, on the 21st at 7:30. It should be lots of fun, and these things usually degenerate into a big old chatfest, especially if there’s wine involved. I hope to see you… Continue Reading →

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