toppiece1bOn the particular crappy spot women our age find ourselves in, vis-a-vis body image. As opposed to the crappy spot women of any age are in vis-a-vis body image. Sigh.

On the upside, I would say the women I speak to about this devote but an eensy fraction of the time they used to thinking about what their bodies looks like. Oftentimes I come to the conclusion that it’s pretty rockin’, all things considered, and especially with the correct Lycra content in my jeans. Horrifying, of course, considering that clearly I, at least, still think about it a fair amount. Still, nowadays, I bang out my beef on this blog, hit “publish” and then get on with my life.  I’ll take that over being Miss Teen Bulimia 1983 any day.

Anyway, enjoy:

Of Two Minds, One Body
by Stephanie Dolgoff

Excerpted from My Formerly Hot Life: Dispatches from Just the Other Side of Young by Stephanie Dolgoff Copyright © 2010. Excerpted with permission by Ballantine Books.

Of Two Minds, One Body

As you might imagine, the realization I had in my late 30s–that I was no longer young–hardly made me want to go skipping through a wheat field, arms open wide and ready to embrace my future as an aging woman and all the joy and wisdom and reverence from society to which my new status entitled me.

Instead, coming to terms with the fact that I am in a new category of person, that of the not-young woman, was a herky-jerky, one-step-forward-two-steps-back trippy odyssey fraught with insecurity, hypocrisy (societal), hypocrisy (my own), contradictory messages and conflicting, shifting priorities. READ THE REST OF THE EXCERPT HERE.