3780153198_4d5fbdf62d_mTotally procrastinating today. I have actual money work to do and am instead noodling around here, so this’ll be a shorty.

According to People, newly single actor Jim Carrey has been using the following pickup line: “I want to run my fingers through your soul.”

I posted that on Facebook as an example of the kind of guy I’m not impressed by. I’ve never met the man, but I have met guys who say things like this, clearly so in love with their own cleverness and/or desperate to make a woman laugh (not to see her happy, mind you, but to get the rush of of validation and affirmation of their own adorableness they believe the laughter signifies) that the pickup line is not about the particular woman at all.

This kind of thing is one of my pet peeves–and I get more peevish about it with each passing year–because it makes of a lopsided one-way interaction, all about the performer and the performance, and not about the woman he supposedly wants to connect with.

One woman posted on FB, though, that she might have fallen for such a line 20 years ago, which got me thinking that I might have, too (depending, of course, on much I’d had to drink, how badly I needed male attention at that moment and/or if the comedian was well-groomed and not visibly insane.) Nowadays, that kind of a line (by itself) would be a bright red flag that the guy was a narcissist and would need a lot more unidirectional and exhausting ego upkeep from the woman who went in for it.

What do you think about this? I remember being vaguely charmed by, “Was your daddy a thief? Because he stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.” It was years ago from a teenager with gold teeth, droopy jeans and a group of friends watching to see how he did. Had it been from an adult, however, not so much.

Any memorable lines you would have gone in for back in the day, as opposed to now?

Photo by greginhollywood CC