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Month October 2010

What do you think?

Hi, all, Below is a piece I was quoted in–I thought the writer made some interesting points. I remember watching the GenX movie Reality Bites back when it first came out. I was supposed to identify with Winona Ryder, who… Continue Reading →

The return of the replacements

I still shop at Urban Outfitters sometimes. Not for my main wardrobe–the grunge heroin ’80s waif thing isn’t really working for me now that I’m 43 and not underweight, not that I ever was. But for t shirts and thermals,… Continue Reading →

No longer the youngest

MARI WROTE: I used to get, “You’re too young to be a doctor,” all the time, to the point that I would wear glasses to look more respected and older. Now we have residents 10 years younger than me and instead, I have to wear glasses to see the computer and the patients ask ME how old those young doctors are. Respect, I like, not having to apologize for my age, I don’t miss, but it still leaves me grieving that “too young to be a doctor” comment just a little…

24 with a bullet

SARAH WROTE: I don’t yet know what on Earth I’m going to do with my skills and new found power, but I’m gonna be fabulous all the way!

Guest post: Karen Catalan

Hi, folks, People ask about dating as a Formerly, and I can’t speak to that from personal experience. So when Karen offered her perspective on love and sex as a Formerly, I was grateful. (Karen actually used to babysit me… Continue Reading →

Thank you, Teri

Ms. Hatcher, 45, posted these images (along with a couple more illustrating her transformation (with the help of a pit crew of magician makeup artists) into the sleek and smiling character we see on Desperate Housewives. Here’s what she told… Continue Reading →

My Daughters' Jeans

Flipping through the Boston Proper catalog this morning, I saw that they’re featuring Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (little trademark symbol I don’t know how to make). The above are my daughters’ actual jeans. They are seven years old. I would… Continue Reading →

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