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Month November 2010

Tune in tonight

I’m going to be on Chit Chat radio tonight at 11, at which time I will be punchy tired and maybe a little drunk from dinner with visiting friends–should be fun. I hope you listen. Click here to do so.

Let me help raise $ for your kids' school

Hey, all, The tireless woman who is organizing the silent auction for my girls’ woefully underfunded public school asked if I’d donate a signed copy of (my bestselling) book to help raise money, and of course I said yes. I… Continue Reading →

NYC event

Hi, kids, Stop by Peoria Emporium December 4th between 2 and 5, where I’ll be reading and signing books and drinking any of the wine that is left after the mobs swoop through. Seriously, it’ll be a fun time–things degenerate… Continue Reading →

I'll stand, thank you

I was on the bus today (which in NYC doesn’t necessarily mean you’re weird, a student, or impoverished as it does in, say, Los Angeles, although it might) and an elderly woman got on. She was clear-eyed with wiry gray… Continue Reading →

Groucho Marx Syndrome

Holy crap! I just got my first direct mailing from the AARP! It contained two cards with my name embossed on them, personally authorized by one A. Barry Rand, the CEO. “To activate your membership and get your FREE Travel… Continue Reading →

OK, 43.5

NOTE: THIS IS REPOST…APOLOGIES TO REGULAR READERS AND A PROMISE OF A NEW POST SOON. It’s my birthday today, and here’s a secret: I’m 43. OK, it’s not much of a secret, because I am lucky enough to have tons… Continue Reading →

Yo mama's a what?

Urban Formerlies might remember “snaps,” those one-liners about one’s mother that were popular around the 7th grade. One kid would insult another kid’s mother in a way that was so corny and over the top that he couldn’t possibly take… Continue Reading →

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