img_20101114_204705Holy crap! I just got my first direct mailing from the AARP! It contained two cards with my name embossed on them, personally authorized by one A. Barry Rand, the CEO. “To activate your membership and get your FREE Travel Bag, return this form with a check…” etc.

First of all, there’s no reason that travel bag should be capitalized. Secondly, I’m forty-freakin’-three years old. I was going to say “only” 43, but what does that mean when one has written an entire book about the realization that she’s no longer young? But 43 does seem on the young side for some things–grandchildren, low sodium Campbell’s soups and receiving junk mail from the AARP. I still get the Delia’s catalog, for crying out loud! At least I think it’s for me and not my daughters, who are 7. Only 7!

I suppose I could decide to take the fact that the AARP is inviting me to join its ranks as a compliment. A. Barry Rand obviously thinks I’m successful enough to have retired at 43. Unfortunately I didn’t invent Silly Bandz or those things that hold your bra straps together in the back so that it looks like you don’t have saggy boobs. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to retire, although my boobs will surely sag. More.

Sigh. I’m tempted to join just to see if I get any other good offers. I don’t need a Travel Bag right now, but if anyone markets old(er) age skillfully, it’s the AARP. Blog fodder if nothing else. Any club that would have me a a member, etc.

You may have noticed the time between posts has gotten longer and longer. I’ve been busy with work and personal stuff, and I’ll try to be better about it. Meanwhile, if you have a thought of stuff you’d like to read about, give me a shout.