p1000385Hey, all,

The tireless woman who is organizing the silent auction for my girls’ woefully underfunded public school asked if I’d donate a signed copy of (my bestselling) book to help raise money, and of course I said yes. I also offered to come and lead a book group discussion if the book group was reading My Formerly Hot Life. It’ll fetch a few bucks for pencils and I know it helps me feel a little less guilty about contributing paper plates and milk rather than a gorgeous spinach pie or homemade dumplings to the Fall Family Celebration, like the other parents. (Those are two incredible moms from my kids’ school–like, bionic in their energies.)

ANYway, I’m happy to do a version of the same for your school auction. If you’ll provide a book or books, I’ll inscribe and will happily pop in to any book group via Skype or in person if you’re nearby. I’m also glad to write up the blurb for the catalog, including all the hubbub surrounding the book and everything else. Just shoot me an email (stephanie at stephaniedolgoff dot com) and we’ll set it up.