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Month December 2010

Someone put a sock in that kid

I had a reading at a friend’s house and met Nancy, the mom of my friend’s husband. She was a gorgeous green-eyed, grey-haired could-be Eileen Fisher model–the kind of woman we all hope to look like when we’re old enough… Continue Reading →

A quickie

Buying a bottle of wine yesterday, I was waiting on line to pay, when the clerk at the liquor store carded the couple in front of me. “Whoever’s paying, I gotta see some ID,” he said. “Sorry–can’t see much of… Continue Reading →

Too true

This video is a little inside baseball–people who have written for or worked at a major consumer women’s magazine will relate best–but it has a Formerly streak running through that I think everyone who works in a field that is… Continue Reading →

Greek for dummies

I had one of those moments just now when I had the overwhelming sense that all my friends are living subtle variations on the exact same life I’m living. When I was in my twenties, I was convinced that every… Continue Reading →

"Bloody irrelevant"

I wish I were British so I could go around saying things are “bloody” this or “bloody” that. “Freakin’ ” just doesn’t have the same ring to it. My friend Cory sent me this link from a CNN blog, which… Continue Reading →

Nothings says Formerly like a pair of pink fuzzy slippers

These are my friend Amy’s feet in what is to her the latest evidence of her membership in the Formerly club. I’ve written a ton about my hideous but so comf Merrell fleece-lined clogs, so please don’t think I’m holding… Continue Reading →

Give My Formerly Hot Life, personalized

Lately I’ve been asked to personalize copies of My Formerly Hot Life for gifts people want to give their friends for the holidays, and of course unless you’re in NYC, it involves a lot of postage and hassle. So I’m… Continue Reading →

Let's (not) do the time warp…again

Warning: I’m in moody bitch mode, so filter my rant through a screen of tolerance and good will, if you don’t mind, and perky Steph will be back as soon as possible. The ever-chic Sarah Jessica Parker is in Elle… Continue Reading →

And you are…? Right. My children.

There’s a word for the condition in which you frequently blank on words but I can’t remember what it is. My mom, who is going to be 70 in a few weeks, and I were talking about it after I… Continue Reading →

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