img_20101219_200026I am so over resolutions, and so I’m not even going to comment on the fact that the new year is starting much like the last one ended–with the best of intentions and my giving myself a gigantic break for not doing it all, getting it all right and/or having it all, which is a big pile of horse hooey anyway, n’est pas?

In any case, my girls had a friend over for the holiday and they made it until 11:30 while I crashed at 9:30, after begging my own mom to stay up to put them to bed, which she did. Thank whom or whatever you believe in for moms, my own and (most) everyone else’s. I can only hope that my girls say the same thing about  me from time to time.

I think they do. I took them to see Yogi Bear in 3D yesterday, which was pure maternal sacrifice. The worst! Several 3D spit-takes and a soul-sucking vacuum where there should have been humor. I left the theater nothing but two hours older than when I went in. But they enjoyed it.

We also saw Tangled a couple of weeks ago, which of course had the scary vampiric mom/kidnapper who kept Rapunzel hidden away so she could use her captive’s magical hair to stay young and creepy, as opposed to old and creepy.

In real life, of course, kids keep us young on the inside (I like making Play-doh families far more than they do) while leaving us less time to do pilates and cover our grays. Then again, much less time to worry about doing pilates an covering our grays, which is a huge gift, as far as I’m concerned.

So Happy New Year, all! Here’s to more play, more Play-doh and greater appreciation for all we do and, more important, try to do in 2011!