I committed the classic Formerly Facebook blunder this morning. I was trying to hide my relationship status, and in so doing, announced to the universe (my tiny universe, but one which includes over a thousand people because of friends I’ve made through the book) that “I was no longer married!!!!” with a big freakin’ red heart next to it. Ugh. Of course I tried to fix it by putting that I was married, but it announced that too with another big red heart, so all that did was call attention to the fact that I’d been futzing with my status and something was up.

Well, something is up. My husband and I are separating after almost ten years, with caring and friendship and our daughters front and center of our consideration. For those of you who read my book, this might come as a bit of a surprise, but of course, things change and despite everyone’s best intentions and a boatload of effort, marriage can be a bear and separating winds up being the best of two crappy options.

I managed to delete the news feed items on Facebook and adjusted my privacy settings to simply not offer a relationship status, so I don’t need tech tips. What I do need is perspective from the Formerly Married among you about adjusting to this new real life status. Thanks in advance.