3899021527_d7f944305a_zStop the presses: Nicole Kidman admits to using Botox.

I know you’ll find that hard to believe, because, like I was, you were positive that her forehead was naturally paralyzed and weirdly waxy like those $4 apples they sell on the Upper East Side.

I mean, there were so many other reasons she could have looked like that, such as, well…hmmm.

OK, perhaps she was born with a particularly rare form of a neuromuscular disorder that only affected the forehead area. Right? Now I’ll bet you feel bad for thinking she was simply worried about looking older, like the rest of us vain, shallow, petty people. Or maybe she had the foresight not to furrow her brow over the previous four decades of her life, like, ever. Didja ever think of that? I mean, I’m sure if you or I had been smart enough to have never worried or laughed or reacted in a surprised manner, ever, we’d look just like her. I’m 43. So is she. Until today I figured my lined brow was my out freakin’ fault for being shocked so often at how celebrities lie.

But it turns out, no. Per People.com:

“I’ve tried a lot of things, but aside from sports and good nutrition, most things don’t make a difference,” Kidman, 43, tells the German magazine TV Movie. “I have also tried Botox.”

“I didn’t like how my face looked afterwards,” she says. “Now I don’t use it anymore – I can move my forehead again!”

First of all, I haven’t noticed any radical forehead movement happening of late.  Second, what’s with the “I’ve tried it” business? If you’re going to admit it, you may as well say, ‘Yeah, I used it a lot a lot a lot. Still am, and you know what? I’m a movie star. Get off my case.” It’s like that Bill Clinton “didn’t inhale” silliness. Riiiight.

This smacks of a dumbass PR decision–she was starting to look silly for denying it (as opposed to looking silly because her forehead gleamed like a beacon in the distance, warning ships of rocky shores) so someone told her to just admit to trying it. “That way, when they say you’re addicted to Botox, your story will be out there already: You’re not addicted. You tried it, didn’t like it, and why would you admit to trying it if it were a problem for you?”

Sigh. Why indeed.

Photo by Edwin Martinez1 CC