img_20110124_081450 Scavenging the unslurped milk from my child’s store brand Honey Nut Cheerios bowl for use in my coffee because, through nobody’s fault but my own, I am out of milk and unable to drag my carcass to the grocery for more without benefit of coffee.

This scene was closely followed by another which you’ll just have to use your imagination to picture: Me, with crazy bedhead and a teaspoon, trying to corral soggy generic Cheerios as they swam away like pollywogs. I considered using a tea strainer but couldn’t face looking for it and in the end gave up and drank the coffee with the cereal in it. Which wasn’t bad, actually, if a little sweet. Which reminded me that my kids eat too much sugar, which made me feel momentarily crappy about my parenting, thus topping off this particular Low Moment in Parenting.

I quickly let that go, though. On balance, a good morning. I have two beautiful, healthy kids; I have coffee; I have hair product to tame the bedhead and it’s cold so I get to wear a hat. All things considered, It’s a good day.

I hope you have one, too.