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Month March 2011

This plain scared me

I’m in the middle of moving (big Formerly moment, sending out my new snail mail address and land line phone number, like I have more than five actual human friends who visit me elsewhere than Facebook) so this will be… Continue Reading →

The Formerly Venn Diagram

Too freakin’ true. This is by Jessica Hagy, on her blog, Indexed (I hope she doesn’t mind that I lifted her art to show it off. Go visit her, too! Thanks, Cory, for sharing.) I’ll only add that I can… Continue Reading →

Future shock

Meet George Jetson, his boy Elroy, etc. My girls, who are 7, Skype their little friend Dahlia from school like it’s nothing. And it is nothing to them. But to me? It’s huge. I remember when “video phones” were a… Continue Reading →

Bo Canada

Sorry for the long post drought. I have been busy–getting ready to move, work deadlines, all of that. I have a few posts queued up in my head, but for now, check this out. Sarah Hampson of the Globe and… Continue Reading →

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