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Month May 2011

Just checking

I have this tattoo I got maybe 10 years ago and it got a little smushy looking (it’s on my lower back, so it’s actually not smushy-looking because that body part got smushy-looking, which is always a risk with tattoos)… Continue Reading →

Well, this doesn't suck!

From Deadline Hollywood, the announcement that ABC is, in fact, hopefully developing MFHL into a sitcom. There was also a blurb in the Hollywood Reporter. “In development” means, well, folks are psyched on it and maybe there will be a… Continue Reading →

A belt-and-suspenders woman

There are two reasons your jeans slide down your butt and need to be hiked up as you walk your children up the stairs to their classrooms. The first is that you’ve seamlessly integrated a healthy regimen of yoga, meditation… Continue Reading →

Be my best B-list friend

My girls, who are 8, are heavy into the BFF thing, and who is the “best” BFF, as opposed to the “second best” BFF or the third changes weekly. When I point out that this obviates the need for the… Continue Reading →

It's just wrong

You can’t barge into the bathroom when I’m getting ready to take a shower–my first 10 minutes to myself in 18 hours–and then scream, “Eeew, big, white naked mommy!!!!” at the top of your lungs. You can barge in, and… Continue Reading →

The sofa as a metaphor for relationships

Today they tried to deliver my new couch and we found that the made-in-California plum softsuede behemoth didn’t fit into my rinky-dink New York City elevator. The driver had to shlep it back to the warehouse. After thwacking myself repeatedly… Continue Reading →

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