alg_estee_lauder_forslingYou might need to sketch out a diagram, but see if you can keep up: A 35-year-old model’s un-made up face was used as the “before” picture for an Origins anti-aging product, allegedly without her permission. The “after” image was then doctored to show the supposed benefits of the product, which is aimed at 40- to 65-year-old women, who [the company is betting will be] willing to raid their 401Ks to pay for whatever will make them look, well, like they are still in their 30s.

But the woman in her 30s, in real life a former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model named Caroline Louise Forsling, looks like the “before” picture. Only through the magic of photoshop can even she look like she’s “supposed to” look, which is to say, in her 20s. Not for nothing, Forsling probably looks better than the average woman in her 30s to begin with. That’s why she gets to be a model. Oh, and did I mention she’s Swedish?

Forsling is, of course, suing, claiming her career has been damaged because she’s been thrust into this older category (death to a model) and that she has never used the product.

I think we are the injured parties here, don’t you?

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Photo from the Daily News.