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Month December 2011

A little pixie dust from the UK blog fairies

How flattering to randomly out of nowhere to be named one of UK Channel 4’s 4 Beauty Best Health Blogs! Below is the little blurby they wrote about Formerly Hot, but please click here to see the other sites that… Continue Reading →

A classic, truly

WENDY WROTE: I’m strangely not embarrassed to admit that my FORMERLY moment involves a velour jogging suit, fleece-lined crocs, a bird store…and Cheerios.


QUEEN WROTE: There comes a time in your life when u suddenly realize that you are not cute anymore. You are still pretty and more secure, hopefully more intelligent and secure, but you just don’t turn heads the way you used to. But its not because you became ugly, I believe there are beautiful and ugly in young and old.

Relief, of a kind

KIKI WROTE: Finally! I don’t get hit on all the time. It’s kind of nice to be able to go to the store and be checked out (no pun intended) without the clerk asking me if I’ve got a boyfriend. D

Olivia d'Abo was the hot older daughter!

JULIE WROTE: The AmeriCorps (2o-something) in my office were discussing dopplegangers. I remarked that I was never really told I look like anyone-oh, except for the sister on the Wonder Years (Olivia d’Abo character)…to which the reply (nonsnarky, just curious) was…”don’t you mean the mom?” What???


CHRISTINE WROTE: …Last year my 13 year old step daughter wore my dress to a birthday party. I told my friends the story and one of the husbands replied, “that was a farewell dress. Farewell to size 4.”

9-year-old fashion tips

LAURA WROTE: My 9 year old daughter, who knows everything, informed me that I was too old to even think about wearing a bikini or even a two piece. She informed me that tankini’s were OK because they covered my flabby parts and made it easy for me since I have to go to the bathroom so much (bladder sling surgery in 3 months.)

Becoming more of "me"

VICTORIA WROTE: Here’s what I hope will be my formerly secret…I am on the other side of Hot, but I can become more of me and more intriguing and have more fun with my family. I am starting to do things that are more exciting, more fun, and double as exercise. Recently I’ve tried and really LOVED rock climbing (safe kind at county park on 50′ wall with harness) and kayaking. I’m becoming more fun, and I find me more interesting too–and it gets me off my fanny and out with my daughter (9) and hubby!

Formerly "That Girl"

MIKALEE WROTE: Yip, that was me: Married to my soul mate, educated, skyrocketing career, copious friends, 2.25 children and a picket fence. My friends often called me “that girl,” as in “she’s that girl you love to hate or hate to love. The girl who has it all.” I really did have it all. Until my marriage ended with a brick–a literal brick. You can’t make this sh*t up, right? …It’s been a roller coaster ride, but I’m in the front row, arms up and only screaming occasionally. 😉

Thank you for allowing us to embrace our “formerly” and our “finally.” Here’s to our versions 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, etc. Can’t wait to read your book!

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