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A Formerly Formerly.  Just turned 75 and wanted to give hope.  I had the most intense romantic relationship of my life at age 67.   Lasted three years and it was wunnerful.   Never married but chose to live with partner “male” for 27 years.  that ended with death in 1985.Thanks to good genes I have been told that I don’t look a day over 60.  HA, I feel there is a 33 year old trapped in this old body that I don’t work near hard enough to maintain.  But facewise I am lucky.  Very few wrinkles.  I remember when I became a formerly.   When the admiring looks from men tapered off at around 35.  Up until then i basked in the looks I would get.  But take heart all of you, I can truthfully say that each decade past 30 has been Great and I am looking forward to what time I have left.  Still working full time at something I LOVE.   Thoroughly enjoyed your book, read in one sitting.