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Month December 2011

Ms. Menopause

CITY GIRL WROTE: The she-devil will soon face the joy of watching her tattoo slip down her side like a glob of jelly; glimmering with the sweat of her ever more frequent hot flashes. I may be formerly hot, but not that hot ; )

LOVE this comment

SARINA WROTE: But take heart all of you, I can truthfully say that each decade past 30 has been Great and I am looking forward to what time I have left. Still working full time at something I LOVE. Thoroughly enjoyed your book, read in one sitting.

Out of the primordial ooze

Much has been written here and here and here about the comfort/style balance, particularly as it pertains to footwear, and how as as I surge forward deeper into Formerlydom, it is ever more precarious. Even since I began this blog… Continue Reading →

When "bad" words are good

This morning, I was emailing a woman with whom I’m working on a project, and remarked that I was so “effing excited” about our venture. After I hit send, I could almost hear that deflated-sounding sitcom music (“Wah wah waaaaaah!”)… Continue Reading →

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