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Month January 2012

Moved like Jagger, c. 1981

Quick Formerly moment: I danced exactly like the female avatars on Just Dance 3, at least the ones doing Bananarama songs. Even eight-year-olds know that people don’t dance that way anymore. Except I still kind of do.

New Year's evolution

Hi, all, A little something I wrote for Best Life. Let me know what you think! Steph Aspire Gently When I was home sick as a kid, I watched a show in which the puppeteers used to wave goodbye to… Continue Reading →

Perspective, people

CATHY WROTE: I just read your book and appreciated it, though I can’t really relate. Not only am I 15 years older than you, I was never hot. I have a mild case of cerebral palsy; while I can, thank God, walk and talk, I limp and my right arm swings like a broken tree branch. When I shop for clothes, style doesn’t count. Can I get into it by myself? Will these shoes support my right ankle?

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