Hi, all,

A little something I wrote for Best Life. Let me know what you think! Steph

Aspire Gently

When I was home sick as a kid, I watched a show in which the puppeteers used to wave goodbye to the children watching: “Bye-bye, Billy!” “Adios, Alison!” They never once said, “See ya, Stephanie.” I guess at the time, in the ‘70s, my name wasn’t very popular. Thousands of dollars and years of therapy later, I am over it.

That said, I have that same feeling whenever I hear some talk show host speaking passionately about the importance of having goals and milestones that you can check off after having achieved them. The camera always pans to the audience, heads bobbing with understanding and recognition of this essential truth. Once again, I feel like the speaker is not addressing me, or people like me, who need to resolve to aspire to something else: dialing it down a little.

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