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Month February 2012

And the beat goes on

A reenactment of Viv’s expression when I told her that it was lead guitarist Charlotte Caffey of the Go-Gos, and not Disney Channel actress Debby Ryan, who wrote “We Got the Beat”. And that it came out when I was… Continue Reading →

The perceived safety of age

My friend Joel forwarded me this post from a blog called Finslippy–very Formerly post, and well-written to boot. I’d love your take on it…it seems the author, Alice Bradley, tried and understandably failed to find the levity in her topic…. Continue Reading →

Breathe, Demi, breathe

Lest anyone poo-pooh the plight of the Formerly, we have Demi Moore’s recent collapse to illustrate that bending like the proverbial tree in the wind is pretty much the way to go. The alternative, snapping in half, clearly doesn’t work… Continue Reading →

Help finding the bright side

As many of you have read, nothing makes me grumpier than the Pollyanna Industrial Complex–the “just slap on a smile!” fake-it-til-you-make-it school of silly psychology that tries to convince us that if you’re not happy 24/7 that you’ve failed somehow… Continue Reading →

Book freebie!

Look, I’m all about self-acceptance. I’ve regained every pound of my Divorce Diet weight, and stand my my declaration that I’d rather be heavier and happy than emaciated with a correspondingly skinny spirit. I don’t desperately need to diet and… Continue Reading →

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