your-twitter-diet_v3Look, I’m all about self-acceptance. I’ve regained every pound of my Divorce Diet weight, and stand my my declaration that I’d rather be heavier and happy than emaciated with a correspondingly skinny spirit. I don’t desperately need to diet and so I won’t, not least of all because I suck at it and all the effort isn’t worth looking marginally better five pounds lighter.

But if we can step outside of the fat obsession perfectionistic silliness for a second, if you do need to lose weight and could use a little support, check out my friend Rebecca’s new e-book, Your Twitter Diet, all about how she used Twitter for help losing the lbs. It comes out next week and you can download FOR FREE tomorrow, Feburary, 2, Groundhog Day.

How appropriate that the giveaway is on Groundhog Day, because anyone who has ever dieted knows the feeling that she’s doing the same thing again and again. Hopefully this funny, fun book (her blog, is a riot) will break you of that, AND help you figure out how to use Twitter if you haven’t yet. And I haven’t, really, so I’ll be clicking myself a copy.

Anyway, here’s the link to Amazon, but through here you can get it’s also free any which digital way you do it. Let Rebecca know what you think!