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Month November 2013

IKEA existentialism

I spent all yesterday morning in a certain kind of Hemnes hell that anyone who has ever assembled a piece of IKEA furniture–especially one with casters and drawers and 17 similar but not interchangeable screws–is familiar with. But my gals… Continue Reading →

I knew him when

So I’m at the gym, faux cross country skiing to nowhere and watching MSNBC to keep it from being even more tedious than it is. The talk show host introduces one of her panelists, who turns out to be a… Continue Reading →

Have my people call your people

              From the Things For Which I Wish Someone Would Invent a Solution department: We need something—anything!–to make multi-person conference calls less excruciating. I had one yesterday with Lions Gate, the studio that (yay!)… Continue Reading →

Sugar is sweet

How do you know if you just gave your kid an eating disorder? I think I may have. So here’s what happened: A few months ago I collected an empty water cup from the shelf above one of my daughter’s… Continue Reading →

Back from the brain dead

Lemme get this out of the way: It’s been–gasp!–over a year since I last posted, despite supportive reader/friends and editors and agents making careful and polite inquiries as to why the radio silence. Things like, “Are you OK?” and “Um,… Continue Reading →

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