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6 Ways to Stop Sibling Fighting

If hearing “It’s not faaaiiirrr!!” is driving you nuts, here’s a bit of help. From the July 2009 issue of Parenting. For more great Parenting content, visit

How to Choose Your Battles

This ran in Parenting in June 2009. For other great Parenting content, visit

26 Reasons You're a Great Mom

This is my favorite story I’ve done in a long time. So much of what moms do happens when no one is around to notice. For more great Parenting stories, visit (This ran in May, 2009).

How to Take a Mommy Day Off

This ran in the May 2009 issue of Parenting. Moms have a really hard time taking time for themselves, even if they want to and know they should. Here’s a guilt-free guide.

For more great Parenting content, visit

13 Discipline Tricks from Teachers (How teachers get kids to behave, and how you can, too!)

For other great stories from Parenting magazine, check out

Teacher Trouble?

5 Smart Ways to Handle Teacher Troubles Is it the teacher — or is it your kid? How to find out why your child’s unhappy at school By Stephanie Dolgoff, Parenting There was no single incident that made Kim Black… Continue Reading →

A few body image stories from SELF

Can’t recall your ATM password, but still remember the insult about your butt from a fifth-grade jerk? Turns out, body barbs affect us for years. Read on to move on.

My secret guilty pleasure

This morning, before I’d even had my coffee, the kitchen cabinet doors fell off their hinges, and cans of chickpeas rained down everywhere. My twin 5-year-old girls were each so desperate for my attention that I felt like a piece of raw meat…

Great moments in women’s health

From epidurals (ahh!) to vagina lifts (boo!), here’s Health magazine’s list of the famous highs and lows in the last 20 years of female wellness.

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