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Forever 35

THE MIDLIFE GALS WROTE: I have decided to be 35. I am going to skip past the notion that 50 is the new forty and go down to the 30’s. It just sounds better and feels better too.

Formerly considered healthy

Image not currently available margarine.

Formerly seedy

Image not currently available Now, I’m not one of those people who claims to miss the old Times Square, with the sorry hookers and scary pimps and drug addicts loitering in every doorway. The closest I ever came to getting… Continue Reading →

Formerly black

Image not currently available Just too easy but I couldn’t resist.

Formerly a manslut

The first inaugural member of the FHHOF is, of course, Mr. Hollywood himself, the most notorious Lothario ever to work his way through the ’70s foxiest femmes, 71-year-old Warren Beatty. (And the crowd goes wild!) He has dated (and this… Continue Reading →

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