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To fill chairs at my Barnes & Noble event on the 15th (this coming Wednesday!). Please come if you can, and bring an extra butt or two–it would mean a lot to me and the book. And while of course… Continue Reading →

MFHL made the NY Times extended bestseller list!!!

It’s really hard to leave me speechless, but for once in my 43 years, I’ve got nothing to say but THANKS to all of you wonderful readers who went out and bought MY FORMERLY HOT LIFE and helped it make… Continue Reading →

KUSI-TV in San Diego

This book reviewer on Good Morning San Diego recommends MFHL for anyone over 35. Kinda like a mammogram, except funnier. It’s the last book she reviews–see it on the bottom of the pile?–toward the end of the clip.

Adventures in Book Whoredom, part MXVI

When we last left our heroine (almost wrote heroin…gives you a sense of my stress level–OMG, Mom, JOKE!) she was slutting herself out in every imaginable way to get the word out about her book. Except the most obvious way,… Continue Reading →

In which I almost get to make out with Charles Dickens

(This was written for Powell’s, the Oregon-based bookseller.) “There was a gay fiction among us that we were constantly enjoying ourselves, and a skeleton truth that we never did. To the best of my belief, our case was in the… Continue Reading →

On the CW in New York

What us Formerlies still call WPIX!

The Today Show spots

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy I couldn’t have been more lucky with these–Meredith and then later Kathie Lee and Hoda really got the book and how it’s a conversation starter. In case you… Continue Reading →

Why we need more scientists

Much has been written about how the US is being outpaced by China and India when it comes to graduating engineers who will lead the world in important scientific and technological breakthroughs. Naturally, the President is concerned, as are legislators… Continue Reading →

The Book Trailer

For some reason I forgot to post this! Feel free to forward, post on Facebook or anywhere except the porn sites. Oh, wait…porn lovers buy books too. OK, then.

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