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No, I'm not sticking my belly out

It doesn’t normally look this way because I normally hold it in! I have spent my entire life holding it in, but for you, I let it all out. No pointing and laughing. I will say that this was just… Continue Reading →

Buy The Book (please!)

Wait wait wait! Did you know that every copy of MY FORMERLY HOT LIFE ordered from now until the book comes out counts toward my first week of sales? How cool would it be if, when it comes out, so… Continue Reading →

Start a Formerly Group

I’m so psyched to have you here, and here’s why: Because if you sign up to start a Formerly group–a Gang of Formerlies–you will be part of the grassroots Formerly Movement, the mission of which is to help women everywhere… Continue Reading →

Video 1

A clip from me on

Read excerpts from My Formerly Hot Life

From Chapter 2: Kept Women “When I was in my early 20s, I had a close friend who I adored—she was hilarious, loyal, whip-smart and felt likewise about me. We were in the same circle, lived blocks apart, both worked… Continue Reading →

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