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Back from the brain dead

Lemme get this out of the way: It’s been–gasp!–over a year since I last posted, despite supportive reader/friends and editors and agents making careful and polite inquiries as to why the radio silence. Things like, “Are you OK?” and “Um,… Continue Reading →

A little pixie dust from the UK blog fairies

How flattering to randomly out of nowhere to be named one of UK Channel 4’s 4 Beauty Best Health Blogs! Below is the little blurby they wrote about Formerly Hot, but please click here to see the other sites that… Continue Reading →

Off topic

A little piece I did for HuffPo… Stephanie Dolgoff When Kids Come Second My husband and I have split up, and although it was my decision to leave and it remains the right one, it sucks. We were married almost… Continue Reading →

Well, this doesn't suck!

From Deadline Hollywood, the announcement that ABC is, in fact, hopefully developing MFHL into a sitcom. There was also a blurb in the Hollywood Reporter. “In development” means, well, folks are psyched on it and maybe there will be a… Continue Reading →

How cool is this?

My Formerly Hot Life has been out since August, so when stuff like this pops up, it makes me smile and reminds me people are actually reading the thing…very cool.

Book Group Questions!

Hi, kids, Folks have been asking me for book group questions, so I thought I’d toss out a few. If you have good ones that I’m missing, please comment below. Also, a reminder that I’m happy to Skype into book… Continue Reading →

Give My Formerly Hot Life, personalized

Lately I’ve been asked to personalize copies of My Formerly Hot Life for gifts people want to give their friends for the holidays, and of course unless you’re in NYC, it involves a lot of postage and hassle. So I’m… Continue Reading →

Tune in tonight

I’m going to be on Chit Chat radio tonight at 11, at which time I will be punchy tired and maybe a little drunk from dinner with visiting friends–should be fun. I hope you listen. Click here to do so.

Let me help raise $ for your kids' school

Hey, all, The tireless woman who is organizing the silent auction for my girls’ woefully underfunded public school asked if I’d donate a signed copy of (my bestselling) book to help raise money, and of course I said yes. I… Continue Reading →

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