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Author Stephanie Dolgoff Offers Humorous Essays On Growing Older Stephanie Dolgoff’s book, FORMERLY HOT is based on her humorous blog about body image, aging and pop culture for women who are realizing they’re no longer young. She shares some of… Continue Reading →

Is it getting hotter in here or is just YOU?

This from, Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher’s site. 3 Reasons You’re Even Hotter After 35 One day Stephanie Dolgoff—New York City magazine editor, writer, wife, and mother of twin girls—woke up and realized she was not the woman she… Continue Reading →

From Skirt!.com

Fun Q&A from Skirt!.com


To fill chairs at my Barnes & Noble event on the 15th (this coming Wednesday!). Please come if you can, and bring an extra butt or two–it would mean a lot to me and the book. And while of course… Continue Reading →

On Shine

Are You A “FORMERLY?” Jennifer Anastasi, BounceBack Editorial Staff There’s been lots of buzz about a new release on the ever-popular chick-lit scene. Stephanie Dolgoff’s “My Formerly Hot Life: Dispatches from Just the Other Side of Young” takes a humorous… Continue Reading →

I didn't dream this

NY Times Extended List

What makes YOU happy?

A new friend asked me that question a few months ago, and I started tearing up, because I realized that in the lunancy of life–working, tending to family, being a Gigantic Book Whore and the surprisingly difficult and time consuming… Continue Reading → handing out some mother love

Proud to be part of this crew of excellent mom bloggers!

MFHL made the NY Times extended bestseller list!!!

It’s really hard to leave me speechless, but for once in my 43 years, I’ve got nothing to say but THANKS to all of you wonderful readers who went out and bought MY FORMERLY HOT LIFE and helped it make… Continue Reading →

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